Most Expensive Bikes In The World: The Most Expensive Mountain Bike, Road Bike, And BMX

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Picking the right bike and learning about how it works is a crucial step for any cyclist, regardless of what level they’re at.

There are plenty of things to consider, including frame size, handlebar shape, gears, and brakes — all these choices depend on your individual cycling needs and plans.

Price is also a big issue. The low price range for bikes is usually around $80-$300, with mid-range bikes costing $300-$1000 and high-end ones passing over the $1000 mark.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at that high-end price point, and exploring some of the most expensive bikes available on the market. We’ll be looking at:

  • Why Do People Buy Expensive Bikes?
  • The Most Expensive Mountain Bike
  • The Most Expensive Road Bike
  • The Most Expensive BMX

Once we’re done, you’ll have a much better idea about what makes a high-end bike, and which models are available for those who fancy splashing big bucks.

Let’s get started!

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Why do people buy expensive bikes?

We’ll be covering some super pricey models later on in this article, which might get you wondering: Why do people fork out so much cash on top-of-the-range bikes?

It’s the same as buying anything; a higher price tag generally means better quality. But what is it about high-end bikes that makes them so expensive?

Let’s look into it.

#1. Better Performance

Riding a high-end bike will make you realize the major differences — they’re smoother, lighter, faster, and more comfortable.

Climbing, descending, braking, and generating power are all made easier when you’re using a lighter, more expensive model.

This video helps underline the key differences in a bit more depth!

#2. More Expensive Materials

Bikes are built using materials like aluminum, steel, titanium, and carbon fiber.

It tends to be the case that more expensive bikes are made from the lightest metals, including carbon and titanium, which means they’re usually a few ounces lighter. These materials cost more to manufacture, which naturally inflates the price tag.

#3. You Can Build Your Own Customised Model

Lots of design and creativity goes into making a bike lighter, more aerodynamic, and more durable. If riders are choosing to expand on that work by making customizations regarding frame size, color or wheel type, that price point is only going to inflate.

#4. They tend to hold their value

The bike world can be unpredictable, so there’s rarely a total guarantee that your bicycle will hold its value. That being said, expensive bikes tend to depreciate less.

One crucial factor is that people trust strong brands like Specialized, Santa Cruz, and Yeti, so the high-end products made by these big manufacturers are more likely to hold their value.

Now that we’ve tackled the reasons people splash out on high-end models, let’s take a closer look at the bikes in question!

The most expensive Road bike

Many people choose to zip around the city on a more affordable road bike, but if you’re looking for something a little more high-end, there are some staggeringly expensive bicycles on the market.

Whether you’re after a classic road bike or more of a hybrid, the ceiling is pretty high when it comes to grabbing a luxury vehicle.

And having scoured the internet, we’ve discovered the most expensive road bike on the market right now!

Cervélo R5 Lamborghini – $24,274

The clue’s in the name here — you might not be too surprised to see a Lamborghini top of our list when it comes to pricey motors.

However, we’re not talking about luxury sports cars here.

The R5 Lamborghini is a special road bike designed to celebrate the renowned supercar’s founding year.

Exclusivity is the name of the game here. Only 63 of this special-edition model were made by Canadian manufacturer Cervélo to commemorate the year Lamborghini was founded: 1963. The size of the production run helps explain the R5’s substantial cost.

With a unique paint job inspired by the Aventador SVJ car, this model is made to stand out.

Utilizing Cervélo’s highest grade of carbon fiber for its frame, the Lamborghini is strong, low weight, and aerodynamically tuned. It’s got hydraulic disc brakes and a sophisticated gear set-up that would impress even the most hardened cyclists.

Cervélo’s special creation is super exclusive and unique, not to mention extremely high-performing. But even so, the price tag is absolutely jaw-dropping.

At $24,274, (£18,468) this is the most expensive road bike on the market right now.

The most expensive Mountain bike

Riding around in the great outdoors with beautiful scenery and crazy locations is one of the best things about mountain biking.

So if your tastes lie more on the dirt track than the tarmac road, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

There are plenty of high-end mountain bikes on the market. As your budget rises, the quality of key off-roading features like suspension, shock absorption, traction, and control improve dramatically. And there are plenty of other perks too, which we’ll get into shortly.

So what is the most expensive mountain bike money can buy? And crucially, how much will it set you back? Let’s find out.

Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo – $18,023

With the S-Works Turbo Levo, Specialized have come up with a state-of-the-art mountain bike creation. Specialized is one of the top names in the game for a reason, and the 2022 S-Works Turbo has made serious strides forward.

Its list of attractive features include:

  • MasterMind Turbo Control Unit (TCU)
  • Full carbon frame
  • Custom-tuned rear suspension
  • Turbo Full Power 2.2 Motor

Billed by Specialized as “the distillation application and amplification of a 40-year obsession with creating the world’s best mountain bikes”, the Turbo Levo is intended to raise the bar. And that’s true when it comes to the price tag too.

The latest edition of this bike is currently on the market for a whopping $18,023 (£13,700).

This model is highly technological, and high-performance. Its huge cost rules out anyone without deep pockets, but the features on offer live up to the massive price tag.

The most expensive BMX

It can often be tricky to find the best of the best when it comes to BMX bikes, largely because they’re built from so many different parts.

If you’re custom-making your own BMX, you can splash out even further. But when it comes to ready-made bikes on the market, we’ve looked far and wide and have come up with an answer.

Want to find out the most expensive BMX you can buy in 2022? Read on.

The Sunday Soundwave – $1,349.99

The most expensive BMX bikes tend to be a fair bit cheaper than high-end road, track, and mountain bikes.

Launched in 2005, Sunday Bikes have been setting the pace for BMX manufacturers for a number of years, and their Soundwave BMX model represents the highest-quality BMX money can buy.

With a 100% Chromoly frame, this bike is strong, lightweight, and robust. Odyssey BMX are responsible for various features including the bars, the tires, and the sprocket. Promoted by legendary rider Gary Young, this is a seriously high-end BMX.

So, how much does it cost?

The Sunday Soundwave is currently on sale for $1,349.99 (which is just over £1,000).

This seems pretty reasonable when compared with the other bikes we’ve discussed in this article, but for a BMX this is pretty much as hefty a price point as you can get.

A BMX rider jumps over a ramp at sunset.

Now Find The Perfect Bike For You!

It can be fun to scour the web for the most crazily expensive bikes out there, but the truth is most of us won’t be able to afford them in our wildest dreams.

That being said, it’s clear that buying a high-end model, rather than a cheap one, brings huge benefits. Pretty much all aspects of your ride will be improved if you splash out on a more expensive bike.

At the same time, there are plenty of bargains and seriously affordable bicycles out there for your average joe.

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