Tour of the Battenkill 2023: The Essential Information

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The 2023 edition of the Tour of the Battenkill is just days away!

It will take place on Saturday 29th April 2023 in Greenwich, Washington County, New York.

Cycling enthusiasts from across the world are gearing up for what promises to be another thrilling event.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Tour of the Battenkill 2023.

  • What Is The Tour Of The Battenkill
  • The Grand Fondo
  • The Medio Fondo
  • The Piccolo Fondo
  • What Are The Dirt Roads Like? 
  • What Bike Should You Use?
  • What Are The Tour Of The Battenkill 2023 Official Rules?
  • How To Take Part In The Battenkill 2023?
  • Things To Know On The Day
  • Other Activities

So, whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just looking for some exciting outdoor activities, read on to learn more about the Tour of the Battenkill 2023!

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What Is The Tour Of The Battenkill?

Established in 2005, the Tour of the Battenkill is a mass start cycling event held in the Battenkill Valley, Washington Country, New York. Nicknamed the “Queen of the Classics”, the Battenkill is one of America’s largest single-day races.

In recent years, the Tour of the Battenkill has become increasingly popular amongst long-distance cyclists looking for a mixed-surface event with a challenging and scenic course.

The race offers riders three options to choose from: the famous 75-mile ‘Grand Fondo’, the 45-mile ‘Medio Fondo’, and the 24-mile ‘Piccolo Fondo’.

Never heard of these words? Don’t worry we’ll break this down further for you.

The Grand Fondo

For riders looking for more of a challenge, the Grand Fondo is a huge 75.7-mile course.

As of Tuesday, April 24th, the official start times have been updated via the Battenkill’s Facebook page. Riders are all organized and grouped by ability and begin as a mass start at 8:30 am.

To get you started, the first 7 miles offer a full police escort in addition to a rolling road closure.

After that, you’re out on the open road! But don’t worry, you’re in safe hands as traffic is very spare and course marshals will be stationed at all critical intersections. And if you’re really struggling, sag wagons are provided for riders not able to complete the course.

For further peace of mind, just remind yourself that over 400 volunteers, 80 police officers, 50 EMS personnel, and 60 staff are onsite and on course each day of the event.

The course starts and finishes at the Washing County Fairgrounds and features a gorgeous back-road journey through expansive farmlands and thick canopies of trees—and there’s even a covered bridge.

The Battenkill is notorious for its difficult dirt track sections and has even garnered an alternative title as the “greatest number of flat tires at a cycling event.” 

These more grueling parts of the course can result in punctures, so come prepared with robust tires as well as essential tools, spare tubes, pumps, and CO2 cartridges

But don’t be disheartened by this, it’s all part of the excitement and competitive drama of the day. 

In fact, the Battenkill’s Grand Fondo has a fairly low DNF rate (did not finish), and winning times average at about 3:30 hours.

Put simply, the Battenkill Grand Fondo is a unique ride. It’s the perfect combination of a challenging ride with low-traffic, rural roads surrounded by breathtaking pastoral scenery.

The Medio Fondo

The Tour of the Battenkill’s Medio Fondo is a shorter 45-mile competition. As with the Grand Fondo, riders are grouped by ability at the starting line and offer a police escort, rolling road closure, course marshals, and sag wagons.

Contrastingly, the Medio starts slightly later in the morning at 9 am with a neutral roll out, as well as a course with just 2,500 feet of elevation instead of 4,800. There are significantly fewer sections on dirt roads and it’s nearly half the distance.

If you’re looking to take part in the Battenkill but enjoy a less taxing ride while still enjoying the idyllic scenery – then the Battenkill’s Medio Fondo is for you.

The Piccolo Fondo

Finally, the Battenkill’s shortest course is the 24.2-mile Piccolo Fondo. The Piccolo Fondo still offers riders dirt sections and breathtaking, rustic views but without the distance.

Starting at 9:30 am, the Piccolo is the perfect choice for riders looking to dip their toe in the water of the Battenkill. The elevation change is only 1,375 ft so it’s not nearly as arduous as the Grand and Medio Fondo’s climbs.

What are the dirt roads like?

The route conditions can vary depending on weather conditions. It can be anywhere from solid, ‘pavement-like’ terrain to loose gravel and soft dirt. 

The organizers will post updates on the conditions of each course on the official Facebook page. It’s definitely worth following seeing as start times have been changed just this week.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. So come prepared for all kinds of weather conditions with plenty of spares!

What Bike Should You Use?

The best bike to use for a fondo is the one you feel most comfortable on.

Of course, it’s important to consider the features of the course. Especially with the Grand Fondo’s infamous dirt track sections. 

Ultimately, the bicycle that you’re most comfortable riding on paved and dirt roads would be the one to go with, since you’ll be cycling for such long distances.

That said, the vast majority of riders use a standard road bicycle, and occasionally cyclocross bikes are sometimes used too.

Need some inspiration on the right bike? Take a look at our articles on road, cyclocross and gravel bikes.

What Are The Tour of the Battenkill 2023 Official Rules?

For the Battenkill race, no racing license is required for any of the fondo categories. Participants must simply sign a waiver and follow the official rules listed below:

  • All riders must stay to the right or on the shoulder
  • All riders must follow traffic signals unless law enforcement or police escorts are presents
  • All riders must yield to emergency vehicles
  • All riders must ride single file when in traffic to allow vehicles to pass 
  • All riders must wear a helmet
  • No littering
  • Bicycles must be in good working order with working front and rear brakes 

How To Take Part In The Battenkill 2023?

It’s still not too late to register for the Battenkill 2023! If you fancy the challenge, it’s as simple as registering via the website.

From there, you’ll be able to select from the 3 race categories. The organizers do charge a fee for participating in each race, but this money is just to cover the cost of police escorts and staff costs throughout the day.

The Grand Fondo costs $139, the Medio $199 and the Piccolo $99.

Then, you’ll just need to add some personal details and you’re set! Of course, you will need a bike, helmet, appropriate clothing, and most importantly: stamina.

Plus, if you feel like pushing yourself at the last minute you can even upgrade to a longer distance. You’ll be charged the difference in price for upgrading to the longer courses and no refunds will be given if you downgrade to a shorter distance.

Can’t make it?

If you email the organizers you’ll be able to defer your registration to the 2024 Tour Of The Battenkill as refunds are not offered.

Things To Know On The Day

Packet Pick-up

Packet pick-up is held right by the start line at Washing County Fairgrounds. Here you can collect your bib and goodie bag. Be sure to bring your ID with you too. 

If you wish to skip the queues on race day, you can come earlier on Friday, April 28 between 2 pm and 7 pm.


You’ll be glad to hear that parking for cyclists and spectators is free.

The car park is situated right by the start and finish lines at Washington County Fairgrounds, 392 Old Schuylerville Rd, Greenwich, NY 12834. 

The entrance is just off Route 29 and will be marked with signs. 

It’s likely to be busy. So it’s recommended that you arrive two hours beforehand so you’ve got plenty of time to park, unload check in and get ready to ride! 

Other activities

After Party

To end on a high, the Battenkill 2023 offers an after-party for riders at the fairgrounds. 

Riders are treated to free food and their first beer free from an Artisanal Brew Works – it’s all included in the registration fee!


At the 2023 edition of the Battenkill, Visit Flanders and Trek Travel have sponsored a prize. All riders taking part in the Grand Fondo have the opportunity to compete in the Flandrien Challenge.

It’s a chance to test yourself on the toughest climb of the course.

The prize?

The fastest rider will win a trip to Belgium to conquer the cobblestone roads which allegedly inspired the creation of the Tour of the Battenkill.

Accompanying you will be 1996 World Champion Johan Museeuw, who has won the Tour of Flanders and the Paris Roubaix multiple times.

The Tour Of The Battenkill 2023 is set to be one for the books. Fingers crossed on the weather and have a fantastic day out riding!

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