Lightweight Vs Aero: Which Is More Important In Bike Racing?

Chasing maximum cycling performance hinges on a critical issue in the philosophy of bike design. Which matters more: lightweight or aero? Cyclists and engineers grapple with this age-old question, navigating the delicate balance between shedding grams for uphill slogs and making the bike and rider as slippery as possible to prioritize aerodynamics on flat terrain. … Read more

Ultimate Light Bikes Guide: Lightest Road, Mountain, And Electric Bikes in the World

One thing is undisputed in cycling technology: light bikes come with a huge number of benefits.

The most significant of these is that a lighter bike lends itself to faster acceleration and deceleration. If you’re tackling a climb, you simply have less weight to drag up the hill, and it makes it easier to fight gravity.

If you’re trying to slow down, you’re carrying less mass, and therefore less momentum, so can decelerate more sharply.