The collapsed Soudal-Visma merger: What went wrong, and what happens now?

The cycling world was sent into a frenzy last month as rumors swirled of a mega-merger between two of the sport’s top teams, Jumbo-Visma and Soudal Quick-Step.

That all came tumbling down in the last week, and the merger between the two teams has reportedly been called off.

Controversial Rumors of Jumbo-Visma Soudal-QuickStep Merger Rock Cycling

The renowned cycling website WielerFlits dropped a bombshell on Sunday evening with a breaking report that Soudal-QuickStep is working on a merger deal with Jumbo-Visma to create a new cycling superteam.

Talks between the teams have been ongoing since mid-July, with Jumbo-Visma and Soudal-QuickStep being combined for the start of the 2024 season under the name Soudal-Visma or Visma-Soudal.