Vintage Fuji Bikes: A Beginner’s Guide

Fuji has a long and fascinating history that includes producing some of the Bike Boom’s most popular rides. After establishing dominance in Asia, Fuji flew under the radar in the American market until the Bike Boom of the ’70s. Following a period of Japanese bike stardom, Fuji had a tumultuous 20-year period that ended in bankruptcy. The … Read more

Mechanical Vs Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Everything You Need To Know

Disc brakes have taken the cycling world by storm. Once dominated by rim brakes, even road cyclists are now turning to the consistency and stopping power of disc brakes. Even some budget mountain bikes and mid-tier road bikes now come with disc brakes. Not all disc brakes are the same, however. One of the key … Read more

Mountain Bike Upgrades: Which Parts Should You Upgrade First?

Mountain bikes are modern engineering marvels. But with so many performance-enhancing components on the market, you might wonder which mountain bike upgrades are worth your hard-earned cash. Mountain bike upgrades can range from straightforward component swaps to ride-altering performance upgrades. Unfortunately, with so many options on the market, it’s hard to know where to invest … Read more