The 10 Best Mountain Bike Pedals for 2022

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Your mountain bike pedals are the contact points between you and your bike. Their job is to not only allow you to put power to the back wheel but provide a stable and secure platform.

The best mountain bike pedals give you lots of grip while providing plenty of feedback from the bike and surface you’re riding on. This allows you to react to changes in the terrain, keeping you in control.

Mountain bike pedals come in many forms, with differing styles, shapes, and interfaces. The best mountain bike pedals for you will be determined by personal preference, the type of riding you do, and where you ride.

We’ve covered all the different types of bike pedals here, but in this article, we’ll run you through the best mountain bike pedals available right now.

Ready for the lowdown on the best mountain bike pedals for 2022?

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Best Mountain Bike Pedals: Title Image

#1: Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Enduro

Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Enduro: Manufacturer Image
  • Wide and Comfortable
  • Excellent Grip
  • Enduro World Series Pedigree

The Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Enduro pedals are among the best mountain bike flat pedals you can buy. This has been proven by the many awards they have won and the fact that they have helped Sam Hill win the Enduro World Series several times on his Nukeproof Mega.

The size and shape of these pedals are pretty much perfect that giving you the ideal blend of grip and support. Each side of the pedal has 10 pins that key into the grips on your mountain bike shoes for optimum traction.

You can adjust the pins from 5 mm to 6 mm by removing the shims with an Allen key. This is so you can fine-tune them to suit your shoes and preferences.

These pedals are high-end and use two sealed bearings with DU bushes. These make them efficient spinners, and you can buy spares to rebuild them when you want to do an in-depth service.

#2: Deity TMAC Flat MTB Pedals

Deity TMAC: Manufacturer Image
  • Ingenious Platform Design
  • Lightweight Despite Size
  • Not Cheap

The TMAC from Deity is a great contender for the best mountain bike pedals. Their concave shape and well-placed pins give you an excellent level of stability and traction.

One of the contributors to the design of the TMAC is none other than freerider Tyler McCaul, so they’ve got some serious pedigree from one of the best in the business.

The TMAC pedals are large and square, but Deity has managed to keep their weight to a mere 454g thanks to the aluminum body.

The traction between your shoe and the pedal is courtesy of fourteen adjustable pins. These are arranged around the edges of the concave platform. The pins and pedal shape give you lots of grip, even when the pedal hits a rock or an unexpected tree stump.

You’ll also notice that the TMAC reduces foot fatigue while enhancing control, which is an important characteristic of the best mountain bike pedals.

#3: Crankbrothers Stamp 7 flat pedals

Crankbrothers Stamp 7 Mountain Bike Pedals: Manufacturer Image
  • Exceptional Grip
  • Wide – But Not Too Bulky
  • Very Lightweight

It’s pretty challenging to separate the Crankbrothers Stamp 7 from the Deity TMAC in terms of which is better.

The Stamp 7 has a large platform with 10 long pins expertly arranged to provide an incredible amount of grip for your feet. Thanks to their grub screw style, these pins are adjustable, complementing the pedal’s large surface area.

They come in two sizes, but the largest only weighs 379g and is suitable for feet 43-49 in European sizing. The small size is suitable for those with feet sized 37-43. The size of the Stamp 7 and its grip means that you have a stable platform for riding gnarly terrain. 

These pedals are tough, too, and can withstand big hits, which is what you’d expect from the best mountain bike pedals.

#4: DMR Vault Mountain Bike Flat pedals

DMR Vault Mountain Bike Pedals: Manufacturer Image
  • Chamfered Edges
  • Long Pins
  • Small Platforms Might Not Suit Big Feet

DMR has carefully shaped the Vault flat pedals to direct foot pressure towards the front and back edge. The pedal also cradles your mountain bike shoe with the sole firmly held onto the platform.

The long and pointy pins work well with the tread pattern on your shoe to give you that almost clipped-in feeling. But you can also adjust the pins to the perfect length and replace them when necessary.

We like that DMR has chamfered the edges of the pedals so that the force is deflected when they hit rocks and roots. However, the DMR Vaults may not be the best choice if you have large feet, as the platform is relatively small.

The small size means that larger feet overlap, which can prove to be tricky on technical downhill sections.

#5: Hope F20 Flat Pedals

Hope F20 Mountain Bike Pedals: Manufacturer Image
  • High-End Brand
  • Large Platform with Lots of Traction
  • Look Fantastic

Hope is known for its high-quality and superbly engineered products, and the F20 flat pedals are true to form. These gorgeous-looking pedals are machined from anodized aluminum, but there’s no risk of them pursuing fashion over function.

These pedals come with 10 pins that you have to screw in yourself, but they give you incredible traction. Some riders may find the platform a little small with a shallow concave shape. However, they provide you with lots of control and stability.

Hope has chamfered the edges of the F20 and given them a sleek profile. This helps to avoid hitting obstacles and squeezing through tight spaces, making them some of the best mountain bike flat pedals you can buy.

#6: Shimano PD-M520

Shimano PD-M520 Mountain Bike Pedals: Manufacturer Image
  • Great Value
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Easy Maintenance

Shimano is a big name in bike components and is known for making some of the best mountain bike pedals on the market. The Shimano PD-M520 clipless mountain bike pedals are among the most popular, as riders love how reliable and straightforward they are.

You can clip in on either side, which makes them super easy to use. Therefore, mountain bikers, gravel riders, and commuters use these all the time.

The PD-M520 pedals are excellent value for money as they use the same mechanism found on the higher-priced XT and XTR versions. Although, they have a lower spec to bring the price down.

The lower specifications shouldn’t bother you too much as long as you maintain them properly. This shouldn’t be a problem, as these pedals use simple cup-and-cone bearings.

#7: Crankbrothers Mallet E LS

Crankbrother Mallet E LS Mountain Bike Pedals: Manufacturer Image
  • Perfect for Downhill Shoes
  • Adjustable Fit
  • High-End Clipless MTB Pedals

If you don’t mind spending your hard-earned cash on some high-end trail, enduro, or downhill pedals, look no further than the Crankbrothers Mallet E LS.

These pedals feature a low-profile concave cage that engages solidly with your mountain bike shoes. They also have six pins on the body to provide extra stability.

Crankbrothers have given the Mallet E LS clipless pedals cleat shims and changeable traction pads. You can also tweak the fit to suit your choice of mountain bike shoe.

You’ll love the support these pedals give you when riding fast on the trail. This comes from the pedal body’s shape combined with being clipped in. 

#8: DMR V-Twin

DMR V-Twin Mountain Bike Pedals: Manufacturer Image
  • Great Support and Lateral Grip
  • Easy Clip-In
  • Highly-Adjustable

The DMR V-Twin is one of the best mountain bike pedals due to its secure feel and ease of use. It comes with several different pins of varying lengths, allowing you to fine-tune how it feels.

When you fit the perfect pins for you, you’ll notice that these pedals give you plenty of grip and support. This complements the excellent SPD mechanism that makes clipping-in effortless. 

However, clipping out quickly takes some practice, thanks to the platform’s high levels of traction.

#9: Shimano Saint M821

Shimano Saint M281 Mountain Bike Pedals: Manufacturer Image
  • Tapered Platform
  • Proven Ruggedness
  • Weighty but Robust

The Shimano Saint M821 is a rugged pedal for downhill and enduro mountain biking. Therefore, these pedals are not as light as other models, but their chunkiness makes them incredibly robust.

Shimano has given the Saint M821 a tapered platform, reducing the likelihood of smashing them into rocks and other obstacles. However, this shape reduces foot support, even though the middle section is broad.

The tapered shape means that most of your weight is on the cleats rather than spread over the platform. But you’ll love how easily you can clip in and out of them.

#10: Nukeproof Horizon CS

Nukeproof Horizon CS Mountain Bike Pedals: Manufacturer Image
  • SPD-Compatible
  • Very Grippy
  • Choice of Floats

The Nukeproof Horizon CS is among the best mountain bike pedals for several reasons. 

The first reason is that they give you a high level of grip on the pedals, thanks to four removable pins on each side. These pins extend up to 4mm above the platform, keeping your feet secure. You can shorten the pins if you wish by using washers, but you can expect these pedals to have a similar feeling to flat pedals. 

The Horizon CS pedals have an SPD-compatible mechanism and come with 4-degree-float cleats, but you can get a larger 8-degree-float cleat if you prefer.

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