Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000 For 2022

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The best electric bikes are the ones that make riding more manageable and fun. But if you can get one that doesn’t break the bank, you are on to a winner. 

Electric bikes are notoriously expensive. However, you can get a pretty decent one for under $1,000. You have to be realistic of their capabilities at this price level. Still, you would be surprised how good these budget electric bikes can be.

In this article, we will highlight the following:

  • Why you should buy an electric bike
  • The things to be aware of for electric bikes under $1,000
  • Some excellent electric bikes for under $1,000

Are you ready to get about with ease for less?

Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 For 2022 2

Why You Should Buy An Electric Bike

Electric bikes benefit people from all walks of life. They can enhance your lifestyle in many ways.

The main benefit anyone gets from riding an electric bike comes from the motor and battery system. It helps you ride for much longer before getting tired than on a regular bike.

So even if you are fit and healthy, you can extend your rides and explore further. Don’t forget, you can still get a great workout with an electric bike, as you need to put effort into the pedals to make it work.

However, if you are not so fit or have mobility issues, an electric bike is the ideal way to get around. The motor amplifies the effort you put in, allowing you to ride faster and further. Therefore, whether you are starting an active lifestyle or rehabilitating an injury, you can get a gentle workout or reclaim your independence.

Some electric bikes have a throttle. These bikes are great if you are easing yourself into exercise. If you are too tired to ride home, you can just use the throttle and ride home without pedalling.

Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 For 2022

The Things To Be Aware Of For Electric Bikes Under $1,000

Where The Motor Is Mounted

Pretty much all budget electric bikes have a hub-mounted motor rather than a mid-drive motor. This is because hub-mounted motors are more affordable.

Most electric bikes have their motors in the rear hub. You may come across front-hub-mounted motors, but these only use a throttle, as you cannot connect the motor to the drivetrain.

The disadvantage of a hub-mounted motor is that manoeuvrability is compromised compared to a mid-drive bike. This is because the weight isn’t balanced as well. If you just ride around town, you won’t notice this too much, but if you go mountain biking on technical terrain, you will have to adapt your riding style.

Component Quality

Lower-cost electric bikes won’t have high-end components, but you don’t have to ride around on something made from spit and sawdust.

Most of the time, the bike manufacturers have looked carefully into using lower-level components without compromising safety and quality.

Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 For 2022 3

Components such as good brakes, grippy tires, a reliable drivetrain, and an electric system are all critical. You may not recognize the brand names, but it doesn’t mean they can’t do the job.

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Battery And How It Is Mounted

At this low end of the market, you won’t find many elegant solutions for battery mounting. More expensive electric bikes often have their battery hidden inside the frame. This creates a sleek look and protects the battery from the elements.

You will notice that these cheaper bikes mostly have externally mounted batteries. Even though the frame might not look as sexy, there is nothing wrong with this, as long as the battery has a good IP rating. The advantage of an externally mounted battery is that you can remove it for easier charging.

You can’t really expect an electric bike at this price to take you across the country on a single charge. Most electric bikes under $1,000 will give you an assisted range of about 35 miles.

If your typical ride is within this range, you don’t have anything to worry about. However, you need to remember that as your battery ages, its range will reduce, so go for larger capacity batteries if you can.

Some Excellent Electric Bikes For Under $1,000

1. ECOTRIC Sport Cool

Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000 For 2022 1Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000 For 2022 2

The ECOTRIC Sport Cool is a fully rigid electric mountain bike. This means it doesn’t have any suspension, but it does have big squishy tires. The large volume of these tires soak up bumps in the surfaces you ride on, but they have an extra advantage.

The tires are 4″ wide, so they have a large contact patch with the ground. This means you have more grip on uneven surfaces, but it also means you can ride over soft ground much more easily. The wide tires spread the weight of you and your bike so you can ride on snow, sand, and soft mud.

The Sport Cool is pretty punchy, thanks to its 500W motor that runs through a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain. This system takes you up to an assisted maximum speed of 20mph.

Powering this motor is a 36V/12.5AH battery. It doesn’t give you a huge range, just 20 miles, so you might want to buy an extra one to extend your range.

2. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-11 

Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000 For 2022 3Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000 For 2022 4

If you want something a little different and relaxed, you need to check out the Swagtron Swagcycle EB-11. This electric bike is a cruiser, which means you are in a very comfortable riding position, and the frame has a cool retro style.

Its 250W motor effortlessly transports you around town or to the beach. You will also find that hills are more manageable too, as Swagtron has fitted the EB-11 with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain.

Depending on the profile of your ride, you can get 28 miles from a single charge from the 36V 7.5Ah removable battery. But you can also ride the EB-11 on electric power alone, thanks to its throttle mode.

This electric bike is also pretty practical. The battery mounting point also doubles as a cargo rack. Therefore, you can carry everything you need for your day out.

3. Ancheer Electric City Bike

Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000 For 2022 5Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000 For 2022 6

The Ancheer electric city bike has a classic design. Still, it has all the modern characteristics of a modern electric bike.

Ancheer has made this electric bike very easy to live with, thanks to a number of accessories and features. The first thing is that the step-thru frame makes mounting and dismounting the bike effortless.

When you combine the frame design with a large front, mounted basket, rear cargo rack, and fenders, you get a practical electric commuter bike.

The 350W electric motor makes riding uphill a piece of cake, and the 36V/12.5 Ah lithium-ion battery can assist you for 25 to 46 miles, depending on how you use the motor.

One of the biggest selling points of the Ancheer electric city bike is its comfort. The upright riding position swept-back handlebars and plush saddle make riding very comfortable.

4. Swagtron EB-6 Bandit

Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000 For 2022 7Best Electric Bikes Under $1,000 For 2022 8

Fat tire electric bikes are more capable on rough surfaces than ones with narrow tires. They give you more confidence thanks to their extra grip and a smoother ride with the tire’s increased volume.

The Swagtron EB-6 Bandit won’t let you take on big alpine descents, but it is great for light off-road use.

Powering the rear hub-mounted 350W motor is a 36V 7.8 Ah Lithium-ion battery. This, along with the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, gives you about 10-miles of off-road range. If you feel a bit tired, you can even use the throttle to ride back home.

There is enough power to drag you up rocky ascents while the disc brakes keep you in control on the descents.

5. Hiland Rockshark 

Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 For 2022 1

The Hiland Rockshark has a more traditional mountain bike design, but hidden within its frame, is a 36V/10.4Ah Lithium-Ion rechargeable and removable battery.

Combined with the 350W rear hub-mounted motor, this electric bike has a range of between 30 and 50 miles. It can also carry up to a limited top speed of 21mph while pedalling.

If you want an electric bike that handles like something you are more used to, the Rockshark is a good option. This is down to its mountain-bike geometry and 27.5″ wheels.

27.5″ is a mountain bike standard wheel size that sits between the smaller 26″ and the larger 29″ wheels. 27.5″ hits the sweet spot between handling and how well the wheel rolls over bumps.

The Hiland Rockshark also has a suspension fork to smooth out the ride and enhance its off-road capability. But to keep you safe and in control, it also has powerful disc brakes.

6. Heybike Mars

Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 For 2022 2 1

The Heybike Mars is a little different from the other electric bikes on this list, as it is foldable. The foldable frame and small wheels make it very compact, so storing and transporting it is incredibly easy.

Living with it is a piece of cake, too, thanks to the low-down stepover frame, comfortable riding position, and cargo rack.

This is also a mighty folding electric bike, as Heybike has fitted it with a 500W motor. It has plenty of torque for scrambling up hills while riding off-road. It can do this with ease, as it has 4″ wide fat tires that give you lots of traction on rough surfaces.

Its 48V 12.5Ah battery gives you a range of about 48 miles. All these characteristics make the Heybike Mars excellent for weekend adventures.

Now You Can Ride For Less

As you can see, you don’t need to empty your bank account to buy an electric bike. As long as you are realistic about its capabilities and look after it, you can have many years of electrically powered fun.

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