10 Best Cycling Sunglasses: 2023 Edition

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Protecting your eyes while cycling is incredibly important.

The best cycling glasses will prevent bugs and debris from hitting your eyes at high speed. They also protect your eyes from UV rays while stopping them from watering when you pick up speed.

On top of all this, the best cycling sunglasses improve your visibility, allowing you to see better for extra safety and enhanced performance.

But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin. In this article, we’ll be running you through the best cycling sunglasses on the market and what makes them stand out from the pack.

Let’s get into it!

Best Cycling Sunglasses: Title Image

The 10 Best Cycling Sunglasses for 2023

#10: 100% Speedtrap

100% Speedtrap Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: 100%
  • Super Comfortable
  • Durable

100% are well-known for their tough lenses, and the one fitted to the Speedtrap is true to form. You can be sure they’ll protect your eyes from debris and small rocks flicked up by passing cars.

Thanks to the quick-release mechanism, you can replace the lens when you need to. You can easily switch it to suit the light conditions, or if you damage it.

The 100% Speedtrap cycling sunglasses are impressively comfortable. However, some people with smaller heads find that they interfere with their cycling helmets. This is because the arms are longer than the ones on most other glasses, so is something to be aware of.

The excellent ventilation is effective at preventing these cycling sunglasses from fogging in most conditions. However, the ventilation may not be sufficient if you’re getting sweaty on an uphill slog in the rain.

#9: Oakley Sutro

Oakley Sutro Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: Oakley
  • Never Fog
  • Unobstructed Field of View
  • Very Secure

The Oakley Sutro are among the best cycling sunglasses, thanks to their unobstructed field of view and the fact that they never fog. Also, they are super secure thanks to their stable fit, even though they aren’t adjustable.

Their big, bold style makes a statement and looks great on or off the bike. Oakley has used their O-Matter™ frame material, which offers durability and all-day comfort. The Unobtainium™ nose pads stop the glasses slipping even when you get sweaty.

However, they may not be the best cycling glasses for you if you have a small head. But if they fit you, you can enjoy the comfort and clarity whether you’re a pro or casual rider. They even work well off the bike for everyday wearing.

#8: 100% Hypercraft

100% Hypercraft Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: 100%
  • Excellent Photochromic Lens
  • Great Anti-Fogging

The 100% Hypercraft cycling sunglasses have a frameless design, giving them a flash minimalist look.

You can buy these cycling sunglasses in a range of lens, frame, and color combinations to suit your taste. But the 100% Hypercraft cycling sunglasses are not just for the fashion-conscious, as they perform incredibly well too.

The photochromic lens is one of the most impressive features of these sunglasses. They quickly transition to suit the light conditions, whether in the shade or sunlight.

You’ll love the superb anti-fogging properties too. This comes from the strategically placed ventilation holes in the lens, which prevents the lens from misting up too much.

Another great feature of the 100% Hypercraft cycling sunglasses is their secure fit due to the Ultra-grip rubber nose and temple tips.

#7: Koo Demos

Koo Demos Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: Koo
  • Interchangeable Nosepiece
  • Great Value

The Koo Demos cycling sunglasses are designed for the Trek-Segafredo pro teams, so you know that they’ll perform exceptionally.

To ensure that you can dial in the perfect fit, Koo includes an interchangeable nosepiece to suit the profile of your nose.

You can expect superb clarity from the Zeiss polycarbonate lenses, which have four ventilation ports to prevent fogging, even when you’re breathing hard on chilly days.

When compared to their competitors, the Koo Demos are well-priced. They are even cheaper than some similarly specced glasses, making them an excellent option, especially if you like the slightly alternative style.

#6: Tifosi Crit

Tifosi Crit Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: Tifosi
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Effective Anti-Fogging
  • Great Value

The Tifosi Crit cycling sunglasses offer incredible value and are high performing. Cyclists who wear them love how lightweight they are and how reactive the photochromatic lenses adjust to the light.

You can adjust the fit of these cycling glasses by tweaking the nosepiece and the side arms, so you can be sure of a comfortable and secure fit. Tifosi has ensured that fogging is kept to a minimum with venting, so hot and sweaty slogs up mountains won’t leave you struggling to see.

The Tifosi Crit cycling sunglasses are an excellent choice if you want high performance at a reasonable price.

#5: Oakley Radar EV

Oakley Radar EV Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: Oakley
  • Versatile Light Capability
  • Great UV protection

The Radar EV from Oakley are favorites of many road cyclists due to their high spec and style. As you’d expect from Oakley, both the frame and lenses are high quality, so they perform well while being durable.

Though you cannot change the lenses, the fitted lenses work well in most conditions. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about switching lenses when the light changes.

In addition to this, the lenses are Oakley’s excellent Plutonite design. These filter 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400 mm. Combined with the enhanced color, detail, and contrast from Prizm™ technology, your vision will be enhanced, improving your ability to spot hazards.

#4: Smith Shift MAG

Smith Shift MAG Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: Smith Optics
  • Snug Fit
  • Great Lens
  • Magnetic Lens Fastening

The Smith Shift MAG is among the best cycling sunglasses for those who want high performance and clarity. Their large lens, snug-fitting arms, and water-resistant nosepiece keep the Smith Shift MAG in place, even when tackling rough terrain.

Fitted with Chromapop lenses, the Smith Shift MAG ensures clarity of vision. The lens is large, so you get plenty of coverage, whether on the drops or sitting upright on the saddle.

The lens is held into the frame with magnets, so changing it to suit the light conditions is effortless. But the magnets are strong enough to ensure they will never fall out unintentionally.

When it comes to weight, they’re on a par with the Oakley Sutro and POC Aspire. This means they’ll stay in place while becoming almost forgettable.

#3: POC Aspire Solar Switch

POC Aspire Solar Switch Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: POC
  • Many Color Options
  • Reputable Brand
  • Zeiss Lenses

The POC Aspire sunglasses are indicative of the brand’s focus on high-performance and premium eyewear. These sunglasses come in a range of elegant color options too, so you can complement your bike, helmet, or jersey.

They feature a single lens that covers both eyes, which has been developed with Carl Zeiss Vision. The lens is excellent, providing enhanced color definition and contrast.

The lens provides lots of coverage, despite the fact they aren’t full wraparounds. This slightly limits your peripheral vision, but the shape and nosepiece give the Aspire sunglasses superior comfort. Comfort is improved further by the flexibility of the frame and arms.

If you have a POC helmet or are thinking about getting one, these cycling sunglasses will compliment it well, thanks to the design and compatibility.

#2: Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: Oakley
  • Secure Fit
  • High-Performing Lens
  • Oakley Unobtanium™ Grips

The Oakley Flak 2.0 XLs are among the best cycling sunglasses you can buy. They have a half-frame design, shaped to extend the lenses downward, providing extra coverage without the frame interfering with your vision.

The nose and temple grips are made from Oakley’s Unobtainium™ material, which does an excellent job of keeping the glasses in place.

These cycling sunglasses also come with Oakley’s Prizm™ lens technology, which enhances contrast and detail. You can choose from a massive range of frame styles and lens colors to suit your style and preference.

#1. Smith Parallel Max 2

Smith Parallel Max 2 Cycling Sunglasses: Manufacturer Image
Credit: Smith Optics
  • 100% UV Protection
  • AutoLock Hinges
  • Low-Light Ignitor™ Lenses Included
  • Outstanding Value

Smith Optics has long been one of the most trusted brands around for cyclists, and for good reason. The Parallel Max 2s are typical of Smith’s high design standards, exceptional build quality, and attention to detail.

Alongside the tough impact-resistant Carbonic lenses included as standard, the Parallels also come with low-light Ignitor™ lenses to allow you to adjust to changing light conditions on the fly.

We also like the cyclist-optimized detail of the AutoLock hinges which stay open for effortless one-handed on and off, and the excellent non-slip grips on the nose and temple.

Last – but certainly not least – the frame itself is light, tough, and tactile: everything we look for in the very best cycling sunglasses.

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