FTP Test: What Is Functional Threshold Power

As you progress as a cyclist, you will try to find ways to become faster and more powerful. With some research or conversations with experienced cyclists, you will hear the term FTP come up. This three-letter acronym is one of the most commonly used metrics when it comes to cycling performance. In this article, you … Read more

Cycling Interval Training Workouts: Boost Your Speed and Power

Serious training for cycling takes more than just going for a pedal for a couple of hours at the weekend. If you want to start making some progress, you need a training plan. Training plans consist of several different sessions; these may include gym workouts, a cycling workout, and even yoga. But the most efficient … Read more

Tube vs Tubeless Tires: What’s Best For Your Bike?

Your tire choice makes a huge difference to how your bike handles and rides. If you have traditional bike tires, you may be considering changing them to tubeless tires. The tube vs tubeless tires argument is quite common. You will see on various Facebook groups and forums people arguing about the merits of both. Both … Read more