How To Choose Road Bike Wheels: 4 Most Important Factors

Upgrading your road bike wheels is one of the best bang-for-buck improvements you can make to boost your bike’s performance.

Road bike wheels have a huge impact on speed, comfort, and control. Whether you’re a speed demon, a long-distance enthusiast, or a casual rider, selecting the right road bike wheels can make a world of difference to your cycling experience.

The 6 Most Infamous Tour de France Crashes Of the 21st Century

Though debate is raging over potential additional safety measures that could be introduced, the fact remains that danger is an inherent part of cycling. As this list will explore, many of the most infamous moments in the modern history of the Tour de France come from these shocking moments.

Beyond the Jersey: The Designers Behind Tour de France Fashion

From the eye-catching peloton speeding through French countrysides to the iconic Tour de France jerseys worn by the race leaders, the cycling world is rich in color, aerodynamics, and fashion.

But have you ever paused to consider the minds behind those vibrant outfits worn by the athletes?

Mont Ventoux: Ultimate Cyclist’s Guide

A brutally steep mountain that pierces the Provence countryside, Mont Ventoux is an outlier that can be seen for miles, disrupting the scenic rolling hills and picturesque vineyards.

Also known as “Giant of Provence”, it’s a worthy challenge for any cyclist and home to some of the sport’s richest history, and should not be underestimated.

Taken A Tumble? How To Treat Road Rash

Whether you’re a veteran of the road or a complete beginner, we all come off our bikes at some point. In this case, most of the time, your injuries will likely be restricted to minor skin abrasions called road rash. However, of course, it’s possible to experience more severe injuries. If you experience persistent numbness, … Read more

The World’s Fastest Bikes: Road Bikes, Track Bikes, And Prototypes

Traveling with speed is one of the most fun elements of cycling, whether you’re a road racer or you just enjoy hopping on your bike for the daily commute. But what is the world’s fastest bike? In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the speediest bikes out there, exploring: Ready to get to … Read more

Recovery Rides: How To Cycle For Recovery

Blasting out intense rides is all well and good, but you need to mix up your routine with recovery rides too. During your rest periods and sleep, your body will repair and make gains.  Remember that you can still go for a ride without chasing PBs! If you’re finding that your legs take time to … Read more

A Complete Guide To Bicycle Touring: Everything You Need To Know To Travel By Bike

Bicycle touring has exploded in popularity over the last few years – and for good reason! Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist desperate for a new challenge, a seasoned globetrotter fed up with the long, cramped bus journeys along the same worn-out tourist trails as everybody else, or a casual rider just looking for a unique … Read more